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An IP surveillance setup includes network cameras on the front end and central management software on the back end, with an IP network connecting both parts. The network cameras capture and encode images and transmit them over the Internet in the form of video streams. When the central management software receives the video streams, they will be displayed on a device for live viewing and stored in a recording device. Video streams for live viewing must be decoded and scaled to the proper size before they can be displayed, thus increasing CPU loading.
For efficient bandwidth and CPU loading management, VIVOTEK has applied new technologies to each segment of the surveillance network to address mega pixel cameras' problems from a comprehensive perspective. The new technologies include cropping and ePTZ for simplifying image capture, H.264 compression for encoding, and activity adaptive streaming and multiple streams for video streaming. Additionally, on-board storage is added to the camera for more efficient data storage.
With network cameras driven towards higher resolutions due to demands for superior image quality, megapixel cameras are prepared to take their turn on the world stage. However, the challenges of bandwidth, storage, and CPU loading faced by megapixel cameras must be addressed beforehand.
A true mega pixel surveillance solution hinges on the synergy of many elements, from image capture, through streaming, to storage. The development of H.264 does contribute to significant bandwidth efficiency, but it only solves part of the problem.
As an innovator in the IP surveillance industry, VIVOTEK has developed a systematic approach to help users maximize the value of megapixel network cameras. We have developed six new technologies in different parts of the surveillance system to improve bandwidth efficiency and CPU loading, including cropping and ePTZ for image capturing, H.264 for encoding, activity adaptive streaming, multiple streams, and on-board storage support.
The introduction of new technologies and functions into the camera makes our megapixel surveillance solution more sophisticated, with powerful bandwidth and CPU management capabilities.
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